1 week ago
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The sketch of the outfit I was working on, for a future illustration. I didn’t put the leaf border on the skirt in the side view because I was curious as to whether it looked better with or without…

2 weeks ago
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I’m having fun drawing this dress design :)

3 weeks ago
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I finally finished this drawing. 12”x12”, all colored pencil on watercolor paper.

1 month ago
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I think I missed posting something last week. =[ So I wanted to sketch something to post today. I like the face in this one.

1 month ago
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A sketchbook page for the sake of practice. Drawing with lines is so hard. I keep trying to excessively shade everything. :(

2 months ago
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I’ve made enough progress on my landscape that I can take these detail shots with my phone without any blank paper being in the shots. =D

2 months ago
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Anonymous asked: Have a nice day!

^o^  ahh you too!!

2 months ago
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Another computer graphics homework assignment. I learned you can paint in Illustrator and it is quite interesting!  For the assignment we had to use a photo as a base, and I wanted to use one I took so I used a picture I took of a floral arrangement I made at work, and ended up with these cheesy flowers.

2 months ago
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An assignment from my computer graphics class to create a technical illustration from life of some kind of electronic item, using Illustrator. So here is my Wii U Gamepad.

3 months ago
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I wish I had my scanner with me. :<